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Become a retail partner to Atelier VO2 max

Atelier VO2 max offers an innovative retail concept where customers are introduced to innovative brands and artists with a shared mission.

Instead of renting an expensive retail space, or hiring staff, several products are here placed together where customers can enjoy a blend of art and promotion each in their own context.

Together with Atelier VO2 max, you can contribute to the future of your product and of retail.

Partner with us

"Atelier VO2 max is the future of retail: it is a style and design happening, the environment is changing, it feels like an art gallery, and it is selling like a boutique."

Immersive walk

In a setting specific to the brand, customers can experience the products. Among other products, each brand has its own accent without interfering with each other.


Promotion will be run in a loop through all Samsung screens throughout Atelier VO2 max. Your brand will also be promoted in the newsletter and on this website.

Retail analysis

The number of visitors and details of those who are interested will be tracked and communicated.


It is possible to organize events or workshops around your brand and products. Customized catering is possible.

Complete package

Atelier VO2 max proudly presents its partners:

partner with us